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  • We have been working with Bosta ever since the launch of our brand "Mii". We chose Bosta for their technology tools and their team that make our lives easier and ensures our business runs smoothly.

    Mariam Nagy – Mii bags Founder

  • Partnering with bosta is a journey full of success, commitment and delivering results. From one project to another, we are looking forward to many more success stories with bosta.

    Hager Ali – Channel Development Manager

  • Bosta is the perfect partner for my shipping needs especially as a startup in Egypt. they are friendly and exceeding my expectation on how they overcome all businesses routine.

    Mostafa Magdy – Founder, Palma

  • Almost every good review we receive from a satisfied customer includes a positive review for the fast shipping and consistently amazing behavior of Bosta couriers.

    Mohamed Sheheta – General Manager

  • I always find Bosta team very helpful, professional, have a fast delivery ecosystem, great online system to check order status and highly reliable for order delivery.

    Peter Nagy – Fulfillment Manager

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